General Buzz

A Sound Decision

Life gets away from us all...

Story originally posted on TSR, and can be found here

Since the death of his wife Lyla, General Buzz Grunt has been kept busy raising his three children, Tank, Ripp, and Buck, leaving him no time for himself...which was just fine by him.  The winds of change are blowing into Strangetown, though, and after they pass through nothing will be the same.

Note: I do not follow all the generally accepted Strangetown canon here. Buzz and Lyla never divorced - they had their problems, but they were happily married and very much in love. Also, when you load Strangetown he's fairly close to being an elder. I have made him quite a bit younger than that - he's 37 at the beginning of this story, Tank is 17, Ripp is 16, and Buck is 12. I have done some similar mucking around with the ages of others in town, although that will mostly be mentioned in passing - the Grunts are the focus here.

* Scene not posted on TSR
** Scene posted on TSR, but version here has added content

Chapter 1                                   Chapter 6                                 Chapter 11                           Chapter 16**         

Chapter 2
                                   Chapter 7                                 Chapter 12                           Chapter 17**     

Chapter 3                                   Chapter 8                                 Chapter 13**                        Chapter 18                           

Chapter 4                                   Chapter 9                                 Chapter 14**                        Chapter 19                 

Chapter 5                                   Chapter 10                               Chapter 15**                        Chapter 20**

Chapter 17

A/N Once again, edits are relatively minor - some corrections, some changes to some things for better flow, and moar pictures.  Also, I have changed the cut texts to lyrics to the song that I consider the theme song for this story.  No, I'm not going to try and make them fit each update, we'll just be taking them in order.  I'm not that creative, thanks.  And now, without futher ado... 
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General Buzz

Chapter 15

Strangetown, Present Day

OMG this thing gave me fits!  I have been in pose box and picture editing hell for a week.  Pictures are not quite what I had in my head, but they are up to my current skill level, so we are going with them.
WARNING: Adult situations and some tasteful nudity in this one. And it's long 


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General Buzz

Chapter 14

Sim State ~ 20 years before present

A/N: The changes between this chapter and the original are VERY minor, I just did some editing and added a passage to help bridge the two parts - this was originally in two parts.

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